Commercial Team

Commercial Team

Our dependable team is committed to providing great customer service to our counterparties. Use the following list to reach us directly.

Jim Artley, VP of Gas Trading and Origination 281.379.7414 281.379.7444

Financial Traders

Paul Garner, Director of Financial Trading 281.379.7413  
Tommy Reed 281.379.7437  
Anthony Indemaio 281.379.7446  
Jeff Stephens 281.379.7406  
Matthew Wilson 281.379.7406  

Physical Traders by Region


Mid-C, Texas, West Team

Randy Gay, Manager 281.379.7469  
Gerald Gilbert 281.379.7465  

Gulf Coast Team

Rika Imai, Manager 281.379.7407  
Tom Mayne 281.378.1717  
Jon Thomas 281.379.7448  

Northeast Team

Matt Stephenson, Manager 281.379.7402  

Rockies Team/Salt Lake City

Jim McArthur, Director, Western Gas Trading 801.456.2664  
Drew Cluff 801.456.2661  
Craig Duke 801.456.2665  

Scheduling by Region

Donna Gibson, Director of Scheduling 281.379.7410  

Gulf Coast, East Team, Mexico

Jenna Green, Supervisor 281.379.7417  
Randi Diskey 281.379.7481  
Mike Jenkins 281.379.7424  
Jose Abrunhosa 281.379.7438  

Mid-C, West Team

Jennifer Ramirez, US/Canada, Supervisor 281.379.7429  
Jordan Taylor 281.379.7436  
Lisa Valentine 281.379.7432  

Rockies, West Canada Team

Karen Long, US/Canada 801.456.2668  
Kristine Parker, US/Canada 801.456.2660  


Theresa Branney, Director 281.379.7478